Become the You Your Younger

Self Needed

Are your old habits, ways, even ideas no longer working? Have you swept things under the rug long enough? Maybe you are just tired of being tired, disrespected, or mistreated? Do you feel you find yourself in the same unhealthy relationships? Become the You Your Younger Self Needed, this is the book for you! Read about Sheri's personal journey and struggles. Learn how you too can apply daily meditation, self-reflection, and forgiveness to allow healing, find empowerment, confidence, gratitude, and love.


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A Path to Empowerment

Sheri created #IAMFREE for high schools. 

With 70% of our high school students having anxiety and depression, and the uncertainties they are facing, #IAMFREE provides high school and college age students lifelong tools for success including; breathing, boundaries, acceptance, and freedom. With social media and the need for instant gratification, students face stresses and anxieties that are limiting their growth. Students need the tools, and #IAMFREE has them.


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