Messages from Spirit offers us peace during difficult times.

With the holidays here, it can be hard celebrating if we have lost our loved ones. I have this amazing gift to connect with spirit. Many times, we are in such grief that we do not acknowledge our loved ones are still present with us. Truth be told, when my dad crossed, I was a hot mess and had no idea what way was up let alone look or even listen for a sign. When I began to work on myself and remove myself from negative situations, it was then I was able to acknowledge and accept his signs.

I understand that no everyone believes and that is OK. I just ask that no matter if you believe, if you are on the fence, or if you do not believe at all, please just be mindful of any comments you may want to leave since there are grieving families that may read this. Thank you.

The best part of my gift is how spirit shows me their homes. In 2016, I connected to Mary, a mom that crossed five years earlier. She took me into her home and showed me the cookies she was baking that were crumbling up while she was smoking a cigarette. The women that was here for the reading just started to laugh and cry at the same time. Saying, “my mom would make these cookies that looked like shit but tasted amazing” I asked her what is up with the cigarette, she said “my mom smoked till the day she died”. There was an ash try in every room. Mary also led me to the women’s house, telling me that she would sit at the kitchen table with her while she ate. I said do you often notice that your food gets cold fast, she said “YES! My family thinks I am nuts I have to warm it up most times." I said well tell your family your mom is present at the table and because she is present your food gets cold.

Another reading I connected with Betty, who showed me her granddaughter in a yellow long dress. Both of them could not remember her having a yellow dress, then Betty's daughter took a deep breath, "That is the dress you tried on last night for the prom." They both teared up, and I said please know your Grandmom was with you while you were trying on that dress and I am feeling she likes it. They both said, yellow was her favorite color. After they left, they went and bought the dress, they sent me a photo on prom night and she looked beautiful.

Spirit has a way of allowing us to find peace knowing they are ok. They made it there and are safe.

I hope that you find peace this holiday season. If you know anyone that could benefit from a reading this, please forward.

Please remember, just because you want to connect with a specific purpose, does not mean you will only have message from that person. When you go to any type of healing session, please go with an open mind.

Namaste my friends