No More Excuses. No more, I'll do it tomorrow. Today. I begin.

To me a journey is your own. Whether your journey is for a new job, financial freedom, a home, a specific body type, a car, a baby, etc., no one will have the same emotions, feelings, ideas, thoughts on your journey other than YOU. Stick to it and there will be happiness, tears, joy, loss, confidence, pain, laughter, love, newness, surprises, success and so much more that all will lead to YOUR positive change regardless of what is put in your way. Let's be real, your personal journey is the path to YOUR own success.

Journeys are unique to you, but the stages are the same. One thing is for sure, when you want it, you do what you can to get it.

Stage 1 - The beginning, your strongest time, you are ready!

Stage 2 - Going up, this is where it gets a bit rough because you are forced to acknowledge, you want to stop but you don't because even though it can be a struggle you accept the truth, you forgive yourself for holding onto it and in the process learn new thought ideas and begin to release people, places, and things that no longer serve you, because you really really want this.

Stage 3 - You are almost there! You can see the light, you are able to see things clearly now because you acknowledged them for what they were and you begin to surprise yourself for the strength that you are gaining. You understand and constantly acknowledge and use the tools.

Stage 4 - You made it! You realize that you are redirecting on your own, and begin to use the tools you gained to get back up and move forward.

Stage 5 - You are showing up for yourself! Even when there are old ideas that come up you are able to redirect quickly and allow yourself the time you need to allow yourself to show up for yourself. You are NOW able to help yourself up, wipe yourself off, and become the best version of yourself.

So you maybe wondering why I wrote this... Manly because I want to be responsible for my actions.

If I don't acknowledge it, I won't fix it.

So here it goes.

For a long time I have worked on myself mentally and emotionally. I did great, went from Bell's Palsy to empowerment. Wrote Become the You Your Younger Self Needed and had it published. Had successful book signings. I was asked to be a keynote speaker for mindfulness for the Stockton Summit, was in the Philadelphia Inquire, was asked to be an official Miss America Preliminary Judge, I was in the Hammonton Gazette, front page for my mindfulness program with teens in Atlantic City, I was on a televised weekend show, the Weekend Philler, and even LIVE on PHL17 Morning Show! And who can ever forget how I left the corporate world to do this. And every event, I celebrated them all... with food.

But now, I am overweight and tired and just noting feeling good inside. I acknowledge that as much as all of these things were SO amazing for me, I understand now that I do not need the food to celebrate. Besides. I know that this success is not it for me. I have big plans and I have vision boards to focus on so right now it is about being healthy, strong, focused, not tired, not feeling yucky, and getting back into those jeans!

So I am starting a new journey.

My mindful food journey.

Here is the plan! I have a great supportive friend, her name is Nikki, we decided, well she decided and I said I am in, that we are signing back up and owning our SHIT.

No more excuses!

No more I'll do it tomorrow!


I begin.

More to come, but for now, namaste my friends



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