Mindfulness with Alpha Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter

I had the honor of being the guest speaker for Alpha Delta Kappa Gamma Chapter's monthly meeting at Royale Crown's Event Room in Hammonton NJ.

I was asked to speak about mindfulness. To me mindfulness is about being present, being aware, acknowledging, understanding, accepting, forgiving but it starts with a breath. There were a laughs and some ah ha moments. I also had an amazing volunteer to exhibit how breathing can redirect your thought process and allow you to become mindful.

This awesome volunteer, Gabriel, is 11 years old and was outstanding! I asked him to show me how he breaths when he feels upset or frustrated, when he was done I asked him with a chuckle, 'Does that help you?" He laughed "Not really" But for Gabriel that is all he knew. We can't do something if we don't know how. This is where I come in. I bring the tools.

I said, 'Gabriel, are you ready to breath?'

He stood up tall and said "Yes"

'OK' I replied, 'Take a deep breath and tell me what you feel'.

His reply "I feel air"

Everyone laughed including myself because it was funny and when I stopped laughing I said 'Gabriel, you are going to do this again and this time when you take a breath in, I want you to focus on the air and tell me what you feel.'

So he did, he closed his eyes, stood up tall, his eyes squinted, you know he was focusing on that air and took a deep breath in. When he released I asked him now with my eyes squinted, 'Gabriel... what did you feel'

His reply, "It was cold". more laughs and I replied 'Awesome! but have you felt that before?'

His quick response was, "No."

I raised my hands in the air like I had just won a race and said 'Awesome! Let's finish this!'

After finishing the breathing exercise, my final question were, 'Gabriel, how do you feel'

His calmer response was, "I really feel relaxed"

'Would you use this again'


Allowing this room of educators, retire educators and advisers to see how just a moment to breath is successful for mindfulness, growth, self-awareness, my intention is that they can bring this to their personal lives, families, friends and the students.

So now it is time for Gabriel to facilitate the breathing exercise we just finished. Without hesitation, he took over, asked the room to close their eyes and facilitated what he just learned.

When they opened their eyes, I noticed much calmer, focused, attentive women.

My question to them, 'How do you feel?"

"Good", "Calm", "Nice" were some of the responses.

It truly is amazing how just a moment to breath redirects, calms, and allows you to be mindful of your moment. There is nothing else in this moment, just you and your breath.

Just like everything else, practice practice, practice. I moved onto how powerful positive statements can affect you day and asked them to show up for themselves in the following days with power positive statements, with breathing, with mindfulness.

It is always a pleasure to be able to speak about what I believe in, what saved my life, what redirects and makes every day a grateful day for me. Because of my journey and my work, I am able to live the life I was meant to live and be the change I want to see in the world.

Thank you again Alpha Delta Kappa for inviting me, the beautiful flowers and the wonder food and event space provided by Royale Crown.

If you or anyone you know is interested in having me as a guest speaker please contact me at (856) 889 - 3173 and visit my website lotuswoodjourney.com.

Namaste my friends.


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