We all have a story, my story began with Reiki.

Reiki First Degree, Reiki Second Degree, and Reiki Master Manuals are here!! All three manuals have loaded information from my own personal experiences, including ways to stay protected, even some ways to cleanse your space and of course, Reiki practice.

These manuals took a lot of time. From my personal journal entries with the very first Reiki treatment to how I felt being attuned to Reiki Master.

We all have a story, mine started with Reiki.

When I began to write my own manual in 2016 to teach Reiki, I knew I wanted it to be special and unique, I wanted my energy to reflect in each of these manuals. I wanted to educate and share my Reiki Journey and how Reiki saved me.

Begin 2018 on your own Reiki Journey.

All manuals are available on Amazon.

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