My journey from the corporate world to living my dream.

Farewell Party July 2017

I was asked this question a few times so I decided to write about it. "What was it like working in the corporate world starting, maintaining and then leaving to live your dream as a business owner? Well, I can not speak for anyone else, but for me, I did what I had to do to get where I knew I wanted to be.

I hope to give anyone reading this a boost to get to where they want to be.

It was the winter of 2015 I remember it like yesterday, we got done eating and I said to my husband, "I have someone coming over tonight for a Reiki session, I just love healing and helping people heal, my goal you know is to leave my job" His exact words were "That's great, not anytime soon" Wow not what I was expecting and so many things ran in my head. He does not believe in me, he does not think I could do this, so I did what I had to do and I set out to prove that I could and would do this! I have always been motivated, I start something I finish it. So this was not something new or out of my zone.

It was so natural for me, writing daily motivations on my social media account, passing out flyers and business cards I even began attended as a vendor any open house or community days so that people would start to notice me. The coolest thing I did was have a search page created so that anyone interested in a Medium Reading or Reiki they would be able to find me. I finished up my online training as a life coach and passed with a 97! Yey go me! I kept going with Reiki until I was a Reiki Master. Things were picking up, more people were interested in what I was doing and my husband noticed. I was still writing my Mindfulness Meditation book. I took classes and went to lectures.

In the mean time Larry and I spoke and his concern was paying off any debt and how was I going to do that without a steady income. He was right, I needed to see the bigger picture, so I created my vision board and financial freedom was front and center! Now writing financial freedom as a vision was just not going to happen, I had to do the work so, I began sacrificing getting extras, I was determined. The money I was spending on extras, I put away, I used towards my business things like insurance, tax id, business cards, flyers and whatever else I needed to have to get where I wanted to be. I was going to have my own business!!

Time was just flying by and we rang in 2016.

2016 was interesting, I got a new car and my husband saw it as a set back for me, but not me! His lack of faith in my vision is what fueled me. I was teaching meditation to 3 women in a small room but I knew that it would not work for what I have in mind for the empowerment classes. I kept going over other options in my mind and out of the blue my husband suggested? Let's knock down this wall. I was never happier. He was supporting me! That he was but not on board me leaving my full time job just yet.

The empowerment classes began. 8 women signed up! What a success. I had the taste of what freedom would feel like and I am not letting go of that. More people talking about them and loving what I was teaching. I'm doing it! Now I still had no definite date when I was leaving but I knew I would.

I never agreed I could not do this, even on the days when my negative ego said it was not going to work. On those days, I told my ego to sit the *&$# down and when I am ready for your opinion I will ask for it!! That seemed to work really well.

More people, classes being a big success, I am loving this dream! The spring of 2016 I started to research substituting. I knew my vision was to get meditation into schools and the best way for people to know me would be to sub. While on that quest I offered my class to my daughter's school and I was in! So excited! I would go into work early and leave early on the days of class and I met a lot of interested parents and teachers, but none that thought it was a great idea.

That is okay, just because a few people say no, does not mean the whole world says no! Sit back Ego, here I come!

Mindfulness Meditation in schools was a vision for a long time but it seemed that it was not being accepted in my town so I began going to other school event where I could talk about my program. I was introduced to many parents and faculties some schools were more interested than others but I kept at it and decided I can't get a whole school I can get the kids, so the parents that were on board loved the idea of me teaching a kids meditation classes. What a great decision.

2016 was almost over and I was loving life. Beat up a bit working seven days a week, being at a job that did not serve my highest good and then coming home to my passion. It was tough. Work was difficult but home was amazing. I got past the 8-430 day with the thought of one day being able to get up and know all my hard work paid off. I look back now and have no idea how I did that for so long. It was all worth it because 2017 was about to change my life.

On March 1, 2017 an article was written about me and my business in the Philadelphia Inquire.

Wow! Even busier now after the article. Lots of exposure and still going to other schools and events. It was at one particular school on a raining community day event that I got the attention of a parent that was so excited about my program she took it to her school district and pitched it to her boss. Like many other times parents would tell me they loved the program and they would talk to their boss, I went home and told my husband. He said that would be great but how are you going to make it work with your job. I said don't you worry about that. Man he was tough. A little over a week she contacted me for more information about the program. This was getting exciting and I had to have this conversion with my husband. Our dept were paid off, but then again I did not have much, the car was an insignificant amount of money left since I double up on payments. I got everything I needed to apply for a substitute certificate. The sacrifices did not seem like a sacrifice anymore. And Larry and I came to an agreement, if I was to leave my job it would have to be big.

In June of 2017 they made an offer that I would not refuse. It was happening and it was stressful. I think my husband lost weight from not eating and thinking about it. Me, well I was not letting anything get in my way. This is what I wanted for such a long time.

It was a regular morning at work except that I was very nervous, I went to my boss and handed in my letter. After 17 years with a company, I gave my resignation. I cried not because I was leaving, I cried because I did it!

Some co-workers were not happy, some had negative feedback, some were really upset and some did not even blink an eye. But me, the one that mattered, I was so proud of myself and over the moon excited!

July 2019 I left the corporate world.

I have never been happier. I am honored, I am changing the world while living my dream.

I am living my dream!

I enjoy my life and what comes into it. In October, I was interviewed and was on the front page of my hometown newspaper, The Hammonton Gazette.

I am not lucky, I am determined, motivated, focused and blessed.

So I hope you can do what you have to do to get where you want to be. Just one bit of advice, live your highest self, be the best you can, do the right thing always and you will find success.

Namaste my friends


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