The only person that will ever make you believe you're worth it, is you!

Have you ever been in this conversation? "Wow you are amazing!" "No I am not." Then you begin to argue and want to convience the other person, "yes you are, you are awesome!"

Yes that was me, when I first started to do mediumship readings. I did not think I was good enough or I had enough information, but to the loved ones receiving they got exactly what they needed. I would say after each reading, "was this ok?" They would say "Yes! Exactly what I needed."

What the heck was I doing?? I was comparing myself to an idea of what I should be. Maybe someone on tv, or someone I met before, or even heard of. I surly was not thinking I was good enough. Seriously, this was a big waste of time.

So one day, after many days of Larry (my husband) hearing that I thought it was not good, he said well write down what you think "good enough" should be. So I did. I started writing down what I thought I wanted my readings to be, I wanted them to be detailed, I wanted to smell things, I wanted to see things. The best part of the entire letter was how I wanted these things. When I read the letter the next day, guess what!! I did all the things I said I wanted to do. I was as good as I wanted or thought I wanted to be. AH - HA moment!!! I am as good as I want to be. YES!!! I am comparing myself to what I already am!! This is awesome!! I am awesome!!

Yes!! This is freeing!!

I no longer ask "was this ok?" When they say "that was a great reading" I respond "thank you".

No arrogance, just an honest thank you, because I know that I am exactly what I want to be. I believe it!

You see, the only person that will ever make you believe that you are worth it, is you. Someone else's belief in you is just that...some one else's belief. You have to believe it to achieve it. If you do not, you will not.

So now it is your turn. If that conversation above was you replying, "no I am not that good", then you need to write this letter. If you know someone that this blog would benefit, then forward away!!

Write a letter to yourself about yourself but in the third person. Include how you look, how you act and react, how you feel about when you do something good, a hobby you have, a talent you have. How you cope, how you don't cope, how you feel about yourself and so on. Then the next day, read it. Figure out if this letter really represents who you are and what you want the world to see. If you need help, send me a message and I will do the best I can to help you out.

You got this!! Let's be the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Namaste my friends


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