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Complaining keeps you feeling ____?

What happens each time you complain about something? You stay there, you stay in that moment in time...all the time. Today goes by, tomorrow, and you are still complaining and not making any changes.

Instead of complaining, be the change!

You may not be able to get to the top right away, but it will happen, change can only happen when you do the work. Don't say you can't change the big stuff, because you can. You can, by starting.

There are many people that complain about the government, schools, homelessness, the way other people raise their children, the list goes on and on. Some of these issues you just can not go into the school or another person's home even government offices and say "I want you to do this this and this!"

It does not work that way.

But what you can do is be part of the change from the ground up.

Start small.

Think about it this way. A house is built, the structure is not sound but it is built anyway. Now, you and your family move in. Everything is great, but over time the house floors begin to crack and you patch it up. Then the wall seems begin to crack and you patch them up. You are getting frustrated and begin to complain about all the work that needs to be done that should have been done in the first place. And yes, that is true. It should have been done right, but it was not, so all the complaining means absolutely nothing because you have no control over how the house was built.

You stay trapped in the idea that someone else did this crappy work. But that is where you are wrong, you do have control! You have a choice, you can fix it or move out.

You know darn well, complaining about the problem does not solve the problem but you are frustrated and you tell anyone who will listen... You stay trapped.

You need a place to live, you may not have the money to demo your house and rebuild but you do have the ability to redirect, take a breath and think about the solution.

Start small.

My journey led me to much self reflection which then I got my daughter more involved. Her passion is drawing and helping animals. I can remember the animal cruelty commercials on t.v. and she would get so upset. I knew it was time to talk to her about things.

We got to an understanding that we can not change how people treat animals but we change how we made the animals feel when they are found and being rehabilitated. We called a local shelter and asked them what they needed and once a week her and I would go around our house and collect things that the shelter would need. The other weeks we would go to the store and buy food and treats. We did not spend much money, it was not about that, it was about the act to doing something to help a really bad situation. It was satisfying for her, she did not feel that sadness as much because she knew was doing her part to help.

So whatever you are complaining about, make the small changes so that you know you are there changing it somehow.

That is how I saw how mindfulness would be great in schools. You can not control where kids come from, how they feel, what they believe or how they are raised or not raised, but you can control how you react to it. I knew that kids needed to feel in control in order for them to make positive changes. It took me about four years to get here, but I did it!

I went to any open house, any community day, any event that schools were involved, talking about mindfulness and meditation and how it has changed lives. I did not give up.

I am now in two schools teaching mindfulness minutes and redirection. I stopped complaining how bad it was and I did something about it. And do you want to know the best of my students, did not fight because he was able to use the tools he learned.

Be the change!

If you want it, you can do it!

Namaste my friends


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