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Before I teach my first Reiki Level II class, I take a moment of gratitude for my personal journey.

I was introduced to Reiki late 2010. I had no idea Reiki would save my life. Today as I prepare to teach Reiki Level II, I reflect my journey. I am honored to be where I am today. It was hard work, but worth it all.

As some of you know in 2009 my dad crossed. He was an amazing man, ask me when I was 17, well that story would be very different. My dad and I became much closer after his heart attach. So when he crossed the pain was devastating. He was my dad, the first man I loved, the first man that I trusted.

As the days follow go on, we as a family, my mom, brother, sister and myself, got together to write his obituary. It was then that I realized something was not right. My mom lost her partner and she was barely coping. I did not know my brother, nor did I like his ways, I realized that my sister and I only were close when we were talking about someone. It was the saddest time, I felt like I lost my entire family when my dad died.

Time did not make anything easier, my mom could not live alone and we would as much as possible switch to sleep at her house. That was not good. We lived about 20 minutes away and my daughter just started kindergarten, she was lost without my dad, now let's add in the fighting and the restless sleep and the early mornings to rush home to get her to school. It was getting bad, my sister and her family of 5 moved in with my mom. That is when the nightmare became a reality.

Fighting and more fighting. One night I came home from my mom's house and my husband had my things in trash bags at the top of the steps and he said, it is there or here. You are bringing home some crap that I don't want in this house. Our daughter is crying all the time, you let her see the fighting and I get it your dad died, but that does not mean we all have to die too. You need to go.


That was the day my life stood still.

I had to leave my mom and sister.

And I did.

My friend, Dave Wood stopped at my house after a Reiki treatment and he looked at me and waved his hand vertically up and down and said, "You need a Reiki treatment". Two days later I booked an appointment and the rest is history.

Now not saying it was flowers and sunshine no way, the process of finding me was long and it was difficult. My husband supported me because it was better than where I was. I faithfully received Reiki treatments each week for months, also I saw a Life Coach and researched and read so many self help books. It was Reiki, coaching, meditation and forgiveness that got me where I am today.

I take a deep breath and know I am so happy. I have forgiven myself and my past. I have limited the amount of time I spend at my mom's house and about three years ago my sister and her family moved out. Everyone got what they wanted in the end.

There is another big lesson I learned, just because people are your blood does not mean that what they do to you is ok. Forgiveness was my answer. Forgiveness allowed me to move on, move up and be strong.

I worked so hard each day. I created a vision board. I honored my thoughts, visions, dreams and wishes. I honored myself and it worked out. I have a successful business that I built on my own. Successful enough that I was able to leave the corporate world to do this full time. I worked at being centered and not all the time does it work, I have to redirect. I meditate, I pray, I forgive, I receive Reiki treatments and I still see a coach.

So as I sit here and think about how I am so blessed that I did the work to become my own idea of greatness, I am humbled that I am able to teach people to go out to heal the world! Life means so much more for me. Life is magical, life is hard, life is exciting, life is what you make it. Make it a good one!

Namaste my friends


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