Ever thought about your feelings when the clock stops working?

Do you get worked up if someone doesn’t give you what you need?


Do you get upset when you think that someone should know better?

Have you ever thought, maybe they are not capable enough or do not have the tools to do what you think they can do?

Let’s take for an example a clock, yes a clock.

The facts of a clock, it has 12 spots that are five minutes apart from each other. It has two hands, some even a secondhand. The other fact is that you get a clock because it is meant to tell time.

But wait for it....

You have to give it the tools in order for it to provide you the time.

A battery

Wind it up

Plug it in

Put it near the light

So now, the simple facts of what is meant to do and how it does what it is meant to do are two completely different facts.

Would you get mad if the clock stopped ticking? Or would you go and find the tools it needs so it work again?

We often see another person, their eyes, nose, ears, skin and assume they can give us what we need.

Fact - we assume too much.

Until you are ready to accept that a clock can only work until you provide what it needs, you will understand that not everyone just because you think it, are capable of doing what you think they should be able to do.

The fact is, they may just not know how.

So before you get offended, take it personal or even get wound up, remember people, including yourself, can only do what they are capable of doing.

Namaste my friends