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Hey Ego, until we meet again, I’m in control!

It does not take much for your negative ego to spiral you out of control. 

Your negative ego has no idea,  but by the end of this blog, there will be some changes!

Think back to a situation that you believed your negative ego and it got you to a place that took you a long time to get out. Maybe your negative ego got you so worked up that you got yourself sick. Maybe your negative ego got you so afraid of failure that you stopped what you loved doing. Maybe your negative ego got you so mad and feeling hurt that you said some really awful things that are very hard to take back. Or even worse, maybe your negative ego just told you that you were no good.

Well, it’s time to take control of that negative Ego!

This is going to take a lot of practice and you may even strike out a few times but that’s OK.  Give yourself a break! You didn’t walk on your first try, you didn’t ride your bike on your first try and you won’t get this on your first try.  But no matter what, don’t give up because with practice, you WILL get it!

Ready for this?

Tell your ego “Sit the F down, I’m in control now!” 

When your ego tells you that you’re not good enough, stand up for yourself & tell your ego "Sit the F down!" Take back control! Instead of responding to a co-worker “what did I mess up now?”, tell your ego where to go!!  Do you know your worth? Did you work hard to get where you are? Then stand up for yourself! 

Ok, so right now, I want you to think of someone you are NOT so fond of.

Now.... you got that person in mind???

Ok, now think about if this person just told you you were not good enough.  How would you respond to them?

And Go!

Then you can add a friendly reminder "When I want your opinion or need your advice I’ll ask for it!”

So let’s practice. Again and again and again!

Your ego has done what it wanted when it wanted...until now.

You got this!

Own who you are!

Remember the work you did to get to where you are!

Be in control of the best verison of yourself!

Namaste my friends 


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