Staying to your truth allows you to be the best version of yourself.

Do the best that you can do and redirect the worry about how others will view your reality. Key word “your reality”

It is true, we all have very different realities. When we take things personal we agree to what the other person says about us.

Really think about this...

What is the difference if someone said nice things to you or said mean things to you?


It is still their reflection of their reality about everyone! It is just that one is nice and one is not.

Get that same person on a good day and they will give you all kinds of praise, on a bad day, you are no good. That is their truth.

The ONLY person that has to agree with who you are is YOU. You will give 100% to yourself if you believe you are worth it. You will give 90% of yourself if you believe you are worth it. You will give 50% to yourself if you believe you are worth it. Do I have to go on?

We give ourselves what we believe we are worth. We agree to other people's truths when we don't believe in ourselves.


Have you ever seen commented to someone they are so pretty and they respond back "No, I am not or I don't feel pretty" What is their truth?

A. Someone told them they were not pretty?

B. They agreed to someone else's truth?

C. They do not value their worth?

D. All the above

When I started up my business, so many people would say, "Sheri you need to raise your prices, you are really good" But in a passing conversation someone said "Don't you think what you want to charge is a bit to much for you just starting out?"

At the time I was just about 6 months into the business part, but my gifts, I had them for a long time before I decided to start a business.

The reason I started a business was because I have an amazing gift that I want to share. I guess the word business was what got in my way and had me think I would not be successful. So it was the fear of failure that got me to think I was worth it. So, wait for it...

Who do you think agreed to not raising prices and failure?

Yes! Me!

Do you know why?

Because, the person that said that to me, that was their truth. Not mine. And Yes, everyday I still have to redirect. I believed that I was not wroth it just because I was starting a business. Looking back, it was what I needed to get along on this journey and be stronger.

Sometimes, other peoples reality if you allow it not only is what keeps you back, but it holds them back as well.

Remember staying to your truth is how you will be the best version of yourself always.

Find like minded people that are successful, don't take things personal and remember your truth is never ever going to be someone elses truth. Live your best self always!

Namaste my friends.


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