How do you treat and value yourself?

I say it all the time, actions and reactions are reflections of your inner self, including how you respond to your own needs.

Some of us are so fast to point the finger at how someone treated you, we don’t like to acknowledge how we treat ourselves. 

Let’s start out like this, how upset do you get when someone cancels on you, or someone lies to you, or doesn’t do what they said they were going to do?

If you answered really mad, mad, upset, really upset, pissed, really pissed, wait for it... I want you to examine how you do these things to yourself.

What was the situation, the last time you promised yourself something and then canceled?

What was the situation when you lie to yourself to make it look, feel or seem better?

What was the last situation that you promised yourself something over and over and never came through for it?

Every day I have to redirect,  I don’t get up floating on clouds. I have crap come up too and I work at it like everyone else. 

I have learned that if I can’t  do something, I won’t say I can. I won’t lie to make someone or something look better, and I won’t promise myself and then cancel.  

Trust me there were times when I used to tell my husband everything was $20. or I got it on sale, thinking I was getting something over on him. But when he would find out, he was really upset with me and that put a lot of strain on our relationship.  He was hurt I would lie to him, as he should be. 

No matter how you look at it, I lied to him. Because I did not want to face the truth about what I did. I knew we had a budget and I wanted what I wanted and I was in debt because I lied about it. I thought if I did not acknowledge it, it was not an issue.  

Hugh Mistake! 

Here’s the facts. If I tell myself I’m going to start a diet and then I don’t what am I telling myself?  I’m telling myself it’s OK to be let down and then I eat more. So I’m actually having revenge on myself for lying to myself.

What a bunch of crap!

When you start following through with what you promised yourself, you do and you can count on yourself to make better choices and you can actually feel good that you won’t let yourself down.  So if someone else lets you down, it becomes easier to accept.  You start to understand your own actions and it becomes easier to see, their actions have nothing to do with you, it is their business, not yours. If you really want to put effort into this and give it more thought, see what their life is like and how they live. How do they value themselves or your time. (Oh...That’s a whole other blog)

Find the people that are like you. Find the people that want to live a higher standard for themselves. These are the type of people that won’t let you down, because they’re not letting themselves down.

Trust me things come up, people get sick, things happen. But if you are expecting someone who let’s you down to not let you down... that is insane.

Remember people try, but they can only treat you the way they value themselves.

Have a great day and be good to yourself.

Namaste my friends