You can never solve a problem in the energy it was created.

Think about The last time you got worked up over something or someone?

Your heart rate went up, you may even have started to sweat, you start to move from side to side?

How can you solve anything with all of that happening?

You can’t!

Yes, I know most of you are saying easier said than done. But it really is not that hard to do. It’s like anything else that you want to learn, it takes practice, practice, practice!

Think about the aftermath, when you had time to process. You say to yourself, I could’ve said that or maybe I should’ve never even said that. You know why this happens? You are able to see the picture because you are no longer in that same energy.

You will never solve a problem in the energy it was created.

So before the key word being "before" you get all worked up. Stop & see the experience from a different perspective. Take a breath, let go of any judgment, refocus, then your thoughts can be clear for you to move forward.

I may be saying. "That is impossible, you try it. " Well, I did and you know how I got to the "before"?

Mindfulness & Meditation!

Yes mindfulness & meditation. Check out my EIM Program and why I want to get this program into schools!

I teach Mindfulness Meditation at the teen center in ACHS. One of the success stories is from a young man who was in a situation with another student. He told me when the other student started to bother him, "I just walked away and kept saying what you taught us about, it has nothing to do with me, it has nothing to do with me, this is not my truth". I was so proud! I cried. But then again I usually cry when I hear success stories.

So if not from me, take it from a high school teen, the teen that is going to grow up becoming a man in this world, a man that is going to make a difference in this world... it has nothing to do with you and it is not your truth.

Namaste my friends.