The only person in your way, is you.

Good Sunday Morning All! 

I know sometimes it can be difficult to feel like we can't move forward and we start the blame game.



Every choice, action & reaction that you have made got you to where you are today. 

Remember the old saying "if you point a finger at someone there are three other is pointing back at you."  Just take a breath exhale everything that doesn't serve your highest good and breathe in awesomeness!

You got this! Stop beating yourself up today's a new day. Start over!

Today when I woke up I decided that I am going to eat better and I mean really eat better. I am going to take responsibility for what I eat & drink.  I gave myself one year to get back into my size 8 jeans.  The only person that stood in my way and put the food in my mouth was me. It's now time to be healthy & slim down for me.

Namaste my friends 


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