Teaching meditation can provide our youth valuable ways to deal with issues instead of numbing them.

How many times in the past month have you heard about a teenager that has great grades, a promising future, or a young adult with a full scholarship, overdosing, committing suicide or dying from illegal drugs?

Our small towns are being invaded by big problems.  I know what you are saying "drugs have always been around." Yes and 35/40 years ago when we knew someone who did drugs we were told "just stay away".  As a society, we are much more advanced, we know more, constant news coverage, social media, internet, they all tell us all about the drug epidemic.  The rapid rise of teenage overdose and death.  The dealers have become more powerful, the drug more advanced. Drugs, they are designed to mask a pain so deeply that a teenage or young adult when sober can not or will not want to recognize, understand or even go there. So numbing and freeing for them that reality is too difficult to deal with sober.   It is not good when you hear "no one understands" or "you have no idea what it's like".  The drugs are to mask a pain, anxiety even peer pressure. It is time to take off the pretty blinders, we see all the coverage about the end results, now it's time to get to the kids before the drugs do.  We owe this to our children.

Here is a great way to start.



At a young age.

Into schools.

I understand that sitting in a quiet room or space doing nothing for a few minutes each day can sound absurd...unless, you understand how meditation really works.

I also understand that it is normal for some people, whenever a foreign practice becomes mainstream, may cause confusion because of the unknown. Unfortunately that is the same confusion that keeps the blinders on. The one misconception I want to clear up is that Meditation is NOT a religion. Meditation is a mindfulness practice that is a possession of yours and yours alone.   Meditation have different results for different people.

I created a program called EIM. Educational Interactive Meditation.  EIM is a 10 session program based on the principle of free energy flow uninterrupted by the ego to help activate mindfulness actions and reactions, acknowledge inner peace and balance, forgive, acknowledge growth, restore physical and emotional well being and redirect negative thoughts.  This programs allows the student to learn how to own their stuff, forgive themselves and others to live life without drugs, alcohol or any abusive relationship.  The results, a more success outlook, stronger sense of worth, a reduction in stress and anxiety a less need to fight or be right.  By reducing all the above with meditation, meditation will also reduce the need to find a drug to hide and mask their pain.  With daily meditation, teenagers will find like minded people, ideas and thoughts that are for their highest good.  Remember the reason why so many turn to illegal drugs, alcohol or abusive relationships is because they are under stress, having anxiety, feel vulnerable, feel less than worthy, and get lost with kids that feel the same way they do.

I am not saying that meditation will stop the use of drugs. What I am saying is there is not much education on how to “own your own shit”, preventive, daily, reinforce measures that kids, teenagers even young adults are able to learn and then do for themselves to find and have the option for a better solution.


Just some research and studies about meditation.

From Forbes Pharma & Healthcare Feb 9, 2015

Not only being confirmed beneficial in MRI & EEG, meditation was studied at Yale University where they found mindfulness meditation reduced the activity in brain network responsible for mind-wandering and self-referential thoughts.  To sum that up meditation helps reduce wandering thoughts that do not serve our highest good. A study in 2014 at John Hopkins looked at mindfulness and depression, anxiety and pain.  Researcher Madhav Goyal and his team found that while in meditation symptoms were reduced by 0.3.  Wait for it, an effective antidepressant dose for a teenager is also 0.3.

From Living September 11, 2017

University College in London asked women who consume more than 6 glasses of wine and men who drink more than 9 glasses of wine per week to do a study.  One group listened to an 11-minute mindfulness meditation while the other group focused only on relaxation.  One week later the participants in the meditation group drank a average of 75 fewer grams of alcohol about three fewer drinks than the participants that focused on relaxation.   

Want more? Contact the Atlantic City Teen Center, ask how the kids responded to my EIM program over the summer.  Spoiler alert, fantastic results!


Now... This is where you come in.  By you, I mean the parents, grandparents, anyone who pays school taxes, anyone who reads the obituaries and says that is a shame another life to drugs, the teachers, the principal, board members, any and all people that want change. Get meditation into schools as early as 8 years old.

You know the old saying, "no one knows what happens behind closed doors". Most of the time you hear of a teenager dying, no one ever had a clue they used drugs.

Start meditating now, kids should know how to own issues, understand issues, acknowledge issues and forgive issues before it is too late.  

Although I felt that I had a great education and our children are getting a great education, there needs to be mindfulness and meditation in the curriculum or as an elective.  As much as our children get a great education, they need to be able to take a brain time out.   A school day is about seven hours.  Within those hours, students are learning, taking tests, reviewing, studying, eating and then after school off to sports or other activities, after activities, home to study, homework.  We want our kids busy to stay out of trouble, sometimes, that is exactly what they find.  This is a lot, now add in issues that they can not get over, add in peer pressure and bullying, not even face to face, now it is cyber-bullying.  When is enough, enough?  When it is too late?  Why do we expect advancement in other things?  A cell phone? A remote? A car?  But yet getting meditation into schools is difficult?

Kids feel safe if they know they are not alone, that is why they find alternative ways of numbing the pain.  When they are in a group, good or bad, they are not alone and everyone in that group is there for the same reason.  So let’s work together to get a group that will show kids, teenagers even young adults how to manage themselves and get out of the risk zone of illegal drugs, toxic relationships, alcohol abuse.

Our children deserve to live a fulfilled life, a safe life, a life with laughter and friends. First kisses and proms. Scholarships, graduations and new adventures for a healthy mindful life.

We want the best for our youth, so let's teach them to meditate and find ways to deal with issues instead of numbing them.

Together we can do this!

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