Just because you leave it, does not mean you have left it.

Thinking about changing the scenery to get away from your situation? Wait on that one, unless you mend the energy, no one, no place, nowhere will be to your liking.

Thank about the situation you're in right now. If you don't enjoy it you have to look and see why. Is it your ideas of where you're at? Is it someone else's truth about you that hold you back? What part do you play in where you're at?

If you're at a job and you say you hate your job and you go in because it's a paycheck, then what energy are you really giving to yourself?

If you're in a relationship that's not going anywhere and you say to yourself well it is someone to be with on a Saturday night, then what are you telling yourself?

If you're in a friendship that is only one sided and you're saying to yourself I've known this person for years we've been through so much, what are you telling yourself?

The only thing I see is that you keep telling yourself that you're not good enough for the job, you're not good enough for this relationship and you're not good enough for this friendship.

Be good enough for your job, walk in with your head held high, do what you're doing the right way, regardless if there is management that you feel is not pulling their weight, it is none of your business how their work ethic is, be great at your job!

Be good enough to know that the relationship is not going anywhere. But why? Have you allowed not so great behavior from the start? Now it's time to understand the energy and set boundaries! Set boundaries for yourself. If you want the other person to always take you out, then say it and if that's not working then you do it. A relationship goes both ways.

And that friendship, really sit down and figure out where it got lost and what happen. You have to take care of you, in any toxic relationship, will only lead to a toxic environment for you and the people that really matter.

So think about this. You see when you leave some place to go find something else, leaving does not fix what you left, leaving actually builds that energy bigger. Remember the more the energy grows, the harder it hurts when it falls, back on you.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy your life. Because just because you leave, does not mean you left.

Namaste my friends