The secret to my success, I don't take it personal.

In order to be out in the public eye to change the world to a better place, I have to accept the good and the bad for what it is... someone's truth that is reflective of themselves. It has nothing to do with me.

Do you ever notice when someone who is in a happy mood everything is happy for them and they want everyone around them to be happy and when someone is in a bad mood, nothing is good enough, it is all off limits and everything will annoy them. You just know to walk away or ignore.

Well, the same holds true for being in the public eye. The intention I set every day is, to be the best I can be, so I can be a positive change in our world. I don't wake up to prove anyone wrong or to try to understand what someone thinks, does, act or react good or bad. No matter what, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

I believe with all that is in me, the secret to my success. I do not take it personal.

I accept that we are all different, not everyone is going to view what I say and do as greatly as I do. I stand in my truth that I can only accomplish greatness if I am the best version of myself everyday.

So if you're facing coworkers, acquaintances, loved ones, friends whom ever it may be and take on their business, their problems, what they think feel and say about you, stop now and understand that truths are very different for everyone. You just have to be ok with who you are and what you stand for.

Namaste my friends


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