Any size puzzle gets done when you put the pieces together one at a time.

The more you acknowledge, be grateful and balance your growth, the less acceptance you will need to see out from others.

Some people look at those words above and say "yes", "absolutely", "I know this to be true".

And then there are some people that look at those words above and say, "that makes no sense", "there is no way anyone can live like that everyday".

Headline news… yes you can. You have to want to be better by owning your stuff. Deal with your role in every situation. Check your actions and reactions.

Look at it this way.

When you acknowledge you are aware of your truth. You are able to forgive and have compassion. You get it, good or bad, you own it!

When you are grateful you are just that. Not when things are only going your way. That is a victim. You are grateful for everything, for the bad that got you to the good, for the good that got you to the better and so on. When you are grateful you spend you time more wisely, make efforts to take better care of your body, mind and soul and you do this with other like minded grateful people.

When you balance your growth, you are able to know who you can talk to about your growth and who just doesn’t get it.. Have you ever noticed anyone with a glazed over look on their face while you are talking to them, or better yet, when they are looking around, at their phone, other people, anything other than listening to you? Well here is a hint… they don’t get it. All they are doing is waiting for your voice to stop so they can either walk away or continue to complain. It is ok, let them go. You are doing yourself a favor, people that don’t get you, will talk about how they don’t get you and how they don’t think you are even doing as good as you are doing.

Any size puzzle gets done when you put the pieces together one at a time. When you acknowledge your truth and are ok with who and what you are. When you are grateful for just being and when you balance your growth, you my friend are living a meaningful, mindfulness life. Not everyone is going to get you, and knowing all of this, you have less of a desire to seek out acceptance from anyone.

Be you, be the best you that you can be. Be better than the you, that you were yesterday, because when you look in the mirror, the only person looking back at you is you.

You got this!

Namaste my friends


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