Are you a victim?

My mom was going through some old things in her attic and found a paper I wrote in college, I titled it, "Are you a victim?" I must say, it was pretty good for someone that was not even on the journey yet. Looking back I saw some traits in myself that I was able to enhance throughout my journey and some that were absolutely no use to my highest good and had to go and away they went!

It's inevitable, there are people in the world that are completely ok with being the same person throughout their life. It can be very scary to change and get out of your comfort zone.

I wanted to grow, see the world with different eyes. It took me time to understand awakening, and to be honest, I still learn every day! Some days I redirect more than other days, but there is one thing I don't do, I don't play the victim.

We all know this person, just like we all know an outgoing, out of the box family member. That's me! I'm out of the box family member, you can find me at parties or events playing with the kids!

I stay away from any adult conversations when it involves a victim. We all know one, they are always being hurt, always being wronged, always has a story of dread and no matter what anyone is talking about, if they walk in the room, the victim always thinks that you're talking about them.

It can be exhausting.

Do you ever listen to a victim tell a story? Yeah it's kind of one-sided. They never do anything wrong, the stories always start out like this "I never did anything to that person", "I was just minding my business", "I can't believe this happened to me...again!" or "I did everything for that person".

Let's see this for what it is. Some victims many not have that much self-esteem. A victim can't get out of their own way. A victim is always ready to hurt someone else because they've been hurt.

Let's get one thing straight, you will never change a victim, so stop thinking you can. The only way a victim will change is if they want to change so here's a tip. When you're around a victim, and you can't get out of the room or away from the table, do you like my grandfather always used to tell me, "talk all day and say nothing."

So you don't have to feel worried or anxious or get angry anymore just know this to be true, when you don't give into a victim they lose interest in you and find someone else that will fill their needs.

I know, it's difficult, it gets easier. I always remember that everyone is not on my path and for a long time I was not on this path either. So be kind, enjoy and remember. Other people's issues, has nothing to do with you.

Have fun and enjoy today.

Namaste my friends


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