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5 questions to ask yourself before you take it personal.

Why is it so easy to get upset and take things personal when someone we know or don't know treats us badly? We tell kids all the time, "who cares what they think", yet as adults we forget that and then get stuck. It is never okay for someone to be hurtful, rude or just not nice. But guess what. People do it! Do you want to know why?

Because that is all they know.

When someone is acting like a child, they are doing just that, acting like a child. Would you get upset with a child if they did not show you their special toy but showed someone else? If you said yes to that, call me now to set up an appointment.

If you have encountered someone that is like this, read these 4 ideas before you take it personal.

1. How well do you know this person? Have they had a traumatic experience that left them stuck and in attack mode for everyone else that enters their life?

2. What role have you played in this person's life? Have you acknowledged your part? Sometimes people can not let go. You may just have to face the idea that this person is not for your highest good. It maybe they are not for their own good.

3. Was there ever a true apology? If you were truly sincere and you both were okay after the apology and then the other person brought it back up again, it is time to let go and move on. I mean you! Let go of this person, and move on. This behavior will continue.

4. How much do you value their ideas of you? This answer should be "zip", "zero", "nada". You should not value what anyone says about you good or bad. If you did this you would never be the person anyone would like because everyone's ideas are different. You would be moving around like a pin ball.

5. Just don't take it personal. It has nothing to do with you. No matter what they say, there is still something in them that they are not ready to let go of, face or acknowledge. And it will not be until they discover these things that they will be able to move on.

Forgive. Don't be upset, forgive and understand this is all they know, until they can grow. Have compassion and do yourself a favor, be kind, not right. It is easier said then done, but with practice and redirect it becomes easier. So don't worry what someone else does, or says, or does not do or say. Be aware that you do not act that way.

Holding Onto Anger Is Like Drinking Poison and Expecting the Other Person to Die – Buddha

Pass this along to someone who needs to read it.

Namaste my friends


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