Check your ego, accept personal responsibility, forgive and enjoy life.

Forgiveness is a cure all. Difficult situations, sadness, trust issues and even the illusion of being trapped. 

People often ask what does forgiveness means to me.

Well here is what I've experienced forgiveness means:

You have made a clear decision and are ready to accept the part you played in the situation by releasing the ego. When you release your ego you allow forgiveness.  You allow your soul to let go of any ideas, truths or words that you or someone else said and you agreed upon. True are able to sit in that mud, be present and grow.

Forgiveness can be difficult any a challenge when you're not in a good place, and you're not in a good place because of your ego. 

Yes, it is going to take time, just don't give up!!! Because when you can get up in the morning, look at yourself, not be effected by people, situations, and ideas around you, it is all worth, you are free!!



Painting by Susan Birks