Does helping others get you in trouble?

I'm writing this blog this morning because I think it's important.  How many times do you go and help a friend or family member even a coworker and then when you need help they are not around or have other plans? Now you are upset and waste time being angry at a past situation?

The big question to ask yourself, did they ask for your help or did you offer?

Along my journey, I was with an amazing life coach who asked me to see what happens if I don't offer my time. I've got to tell you it was so hard to break that habit, it was so hard to redirect, but I did it and I am such a better person for it.

So now it's your turn, I ask you to complete a project a 30 day challenge. If every time you offer your service and get nothing back in return and become the victim this challenge is for you! ! ! 

Without offering your services every time someone says "I have a huge project I need to get done" or "we are moving next week" whatever the conversation may be, I challenge you to not jump and offer your services.

I challenge you to see how much time you now have for yourself to get your own things done, I challenge you to acknowledge & reflect on the feelings that may come up. I challenge you to be free from yourself.

This is not about never helping anyone again, this challenge is about challenging yourself to redirect those thoughts that you have to be everything to everyone all the time so they will like you. This is about taking control of your reactions because of your action.  This is about knowing that if you have time if you have energy it's OK to offer your services and never want anything in return. This is about putting a limit on what you offer people because now you know your limits. This is about being the best version of yourself for yourself. This is about when someone comes to you and says (insert your name here) are you free this weekend to help us move? You now have a choice yes or no. If you choose yes you clearly are saying I am willing to help you and after this challenge you will realize that you're not going to need anything in return. 

I felt the same exact way "this girl is not thinking clearly does she know who I am?" Guess what! She knew the woman I wanted to be and she got me there. She got me to freedom!

Let me know how it goes!