You can only be what you know, until you grow.

I was out back on my patio this morning having my cup of coffee and noticed a beautiful spiderweb so detailed, so elegant. It made me think of the quote from Charles Addams "what is normal to the spider is chaos to fly." 

I started to remember some time ago, I was faced to understand & accept that just because a family comes from the same blood line they are not the same.

My sister and I not only shared a room but for about a year, a car too. It would make her so angry that my side of the room was a mess and the car always dirty.  I had no care about it either way, I was young and on the go! College, boys, friends, parties the last thing I was thinking about was cleaning my messy space. We faught a lot and I always voiced my thoughts to her that she was too uptight and needed to get out and have fun like me not be boring with her friends.  I thought I was right and did not process that my normal was her chaos.

I moved out and what a change. Everything had a place and things were different, the energy, the people, my standards, situations, even my views. I saw that my life was a reflection of what I was behind closed doors

I learned the hard way, it was never my job to judge someone's else's normal. it was only my job to accept and realize my own. 

You can only be what you know, until you grow - 

Sheri Marcantuono