Intention = Respect?

When you put intention into something you know exactly what that something is used for. You're not going to buy a pillow, use it in your bedroom to rest your head when you go to sleep and then let people sit on it on your sofa. 

Umm. No.

You have more respect for something and know exactly what it's used for when you put intention into it.  

Intention goes for so many things.

Intention is used for self, for friends, for family, if you're looking for house, when you're looking for a family pet, a new job, the list goes on.

Many people will set an intention for what they are about to purchase. But what happens the rest of the days? 

If we don't set intentions for the things that we truly want, they become a problem and either you get rid of it, or you leave it.  But when it's gone, it's not really gone, now you carried that negative energy with you.

You see intention is a reflection of what we hold and believe inside of us. So when we set an intention we are respecting ourselves. When we respect ourselves we keep the promise we made for the things that we set the intention.

This is the scenario that I had to learn the very hard way. 

If you go out looking for a job just because you need money the job will be great because you're getting paid.  It's not really the job you want but you stay because you're getting paid good money. So for a bit everything is good until it's not. This is not the job I want to be at this is not the people I want to work with and overtime it gets harder for you to stay. So what start to not give as much, you become bitter, you hate getting up in the morning to go there. 

So now you have had it!! All your co-workers, the manager even the boss is annoying at each breath and you leave to find another job. 

That's great you are going to find a job that is better than this one. 

Nope! Think again.

All you have is stored all that negative energy that you had from your last job and take it with you to your new job.

Stop & Rewind...

Set your intention. 

I want a job for these specific needs _________ __________ & __________.

Think about this one. If you get the job that you set your intentions for, The job that is a reflection of your inner truth, needs and wants, you will still appreciated, give your all and enjoy your days there even if there were issues at the workplace. 

So to make a long story short, I know too late. Intention does equal respect.

Respect for yourself, your needs, your wants. 

Set your intentions that all that reflect you are to be the best version of yourself.