What does integrity mean to you?

I was talking to someone who said I want another job to pay off my bills or I should ask for more money at my job to pay off my bills. 

I said why would you want to do all that extra work? 

She said because I want financial freedom! OK well what are you doing with the money you have now? 

She diverted and continued on her truth "it's annoying me"! 

Ok I get that but how are you getting there? You say you want financial freedom so tell me are you getting there by saving? Are you getting there by trying to get a lower rate? Are you getting there by contacting the bank? 

She hesitated no to all the questions 

I said you're not wanting financial freedom you're wishing for financial freedom! Not only are you wishing for it but you're doing much more damage you're letting yourself down! Each time you tell yourself you want something and you don't do, what you're subliminally telling yourself and attracting the energies that can not provide for your highest good. Then I said I bet most man that you date say he's going to do something and he does not follow through?She agreed 

I said then you really upset and mad?

Yes, and the guy that does follow through I don't trust because I think they're a lying. 

Ok So what are you really doing to yourself when you can't keep a promise that you're making to yourself? Every one, thing around you is a  reflection of what is inside of you! Can I ask what does integrity mean to you?

It means you do what you say and you say what you do. 

Yes!! And that's how manifestation begins, continues, develops and you successfully manifest what you desire. All of the energy that you put into yourself is the energy you show the world!  If you want something, go make the efforts to get it!


A few days later I received a text. I gotten touch with the people to get my get down and now I'm on a payment plan which is much more affordable and I'm on my way to my desire.

She is currently free from Dept and is mindful of her spending & habits. 

Financial freedom!