It's my big quote!

"In order for you to appreciate the light you must understand the darkness" ~ Sheri Marcantuono

Yes this is my quote and each and every day I meditate, then grab a cup of coffee, go out to the back patio and write my Facebook quote.

I was not sure how people would take this… maybe something like "that's cool", "wow that makes sense!" "umm yeah whatever" or “is that her big quote?”.

Yep that's my big quote. When I lost my dad, I saw, felt, knew, understand or cared about nothing.

Like many dad’s he was the first man I ever loved and trusted. He made me the person I am today.

So what do I mean when I wrote “to appreciate the light you must understand the darkness”?

Here it is...

I had no idea what light was when I lost my dad. I just knew the darkness. Family was different, feelings were odd, relationships gone. It was darkness. I almost lost my husband and daugter to the angry bitter darkness. So when Dave saw me, Dave is a great friend from highschool, he said girl you need Reiki.

And so my journey began, but not after time thinking it was dumb and nothing would ever bring my dad back. But it did. I learned a lot from Rosanna, she saw me at my most angry part of my life. She saw me through the best part of my life. She introduced me to the light even when I was in the darkness.

When I began understanding what the light was, the darkness seemed to make much more sense to me. The darkness was really just me. A lost little girl that missed her dad.

I worked hard, redirected my thoughts, forgave, understood, acknowledged and grew from the anger, the bitterness to stand in the darkness and accepted what I could not change and changed how I viewed my life.

That darkness is not longer my darkness, it is my light.