Sheri will inspire, support, provide healthy tools and boundaries for self-discovery, self-love, self-acceptance, acknowledgment, awareness, and forgiveness for you to heal and enjoy life.

As the owner of Lotus Wood Journey, Sheri has spent many years in self-discovery, forgiveness, awareness, acknowledgment, and understanding.  Beginning her journey in 2011 with her first Reiki session, she has grown to enjoy life and understand and trust the lessons the universe provides.   Sheri has found ways to show up for herself and release what no longer serves her.
In 2014 Sheri was attuned and certified Reiki First Degree. The following year she was attuned and certified Reiki Second Degree.  In 2016 Sheri finished her Reiki training as a Reiki Master Teacher. 


By the end of 2017, in early 2018, Sheri had published all three Reiki training manuals, and in 2018 she became a certified continued education provider for the NCBTMB, training massage therapists and bodyworkers in Reiki.


Sheri continues her commitment to serving our community and our youth.   In 2017, Sheri left the corporate world and began teaching mindfulness and meditation to the teens in Atlantic City High School.   Sheri also enjoys being out and about. She loves to learn and meet new people.  Over the years, Sheri has been a guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Hammonton, opened with breathing at Cheldin Barlatt Rumer's Scream Your Dream Live Show, Sheri then met Jerry Torre, the author of "The Marble Faun of Grey Gardens."  Sheri was an official Miss America Preliminary Judge, she attended the Pride Parade in NYC with her daughter, Olivia, and friend, Rosanna. She was a guest on PhL17 morning show.  She also was a guest exhibitor at the Women's Convention in 2018 and in early 2018, Sheri has published "Become The You Your Younger Self Needed."


Looking back to the lost, angry, numb, sad, hurt young woman in 2009 after her father died, Sheri has come a long way and continues to show up for herself so she can show up for others.


She honored her friend Dave Wood who led her to Reiki and is thankful for the support of her husband Larry and daughter Olivia.  


Sheri believes that we all have struggles, and because we are different ages does not make it any different.


Your truth is your truth, no matter what age.

 "Become the You Your Younger Self Needed" to learn more about Sheri's journey from Bell's Palsy to freedom.

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In the News

The Hammonton Gazette, Marcantuono Book Signing at Graycewyngs Gardens & Interiors


October 24, 2018


Photos by Betsy Karl

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Sheri live on PHL17 October 30, 2018

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The Hammonton Gazette, Helping Others Cope with Stress

November 1, 2017

This article was written by Stephen Pistone from the Hammonton Gazette.

The Press of Atlantic City, Teens and mental health

August 15, 2019

This article was written by Claire Lowe.  Photos by Edward Lea 

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